Tex’s Update #3: A Tale of Two Gibbons, aka the Miss Representation Pageant

Hoo boy. For this week, Gibbon takes the reader on a journey through the fabric of Roman society. On the surface, we’re looking at religion and art and the citizenry… but the theme of the first two portions of Chapter 2 is actually control. From the opiate of the masses presentation of religion, to theContinue reading “Tex’s Update #3: A Tale of Two Gibbons, aka the Miss Representation Pageant”

Anna’s Update 3: polite dinnertime conversation

Texan observed recently that a greater portion of this work than he had anticipated is footnotes. This week, I have more reason to agree than ever. Many of the notes are Gibbon’s, so we’re not too distracted by external commentary, but still. When the note is at least as long as the amount of regularContinue reading “Anna’s Update 3: polite dinnertime conversation”

Tex’s Update 2: “So… let’s talk about legions.”

Some housekeeping:—Anna gets serious brownie points for dropping the Night at the Museum reference in her post this week. That’s legit.—Yeah, my post from last week was kind of academicesque… sometimes it’s tough to turn off that mode, LOL. It might may possibly will probably show up again. Anywho… DRUM ROLL PLEASEWelcome to CHAPTER 1: THE EXTENTContinue reading “Tex’s Update 2: “So… let’s talk about legions.””

Anna’s Update 2: the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war

(Title quote by Norman Schwarzkopf.) May I just start by saying how very much like a scholarly paper Texan’s first blog post was? Gosh. Come for my Buzzfeed articles, stay for his research mastery. Chapter 1 Part 1 Gibbon kind of idealizes Augustus as an emperor. He had just the right temperament for the position,Continue reading “Anna’s Update 2: the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”

Tex’s Update 1: Buy 1 preface, get 3 free!

First things first: When you read a book with introductions, forwards, and/or prefaces, those can actually be important. Really. Probably want to read those. Yes, some of them are about how the title of the book is tangentially related to the author’s Aunt Marge’s neighbor’s dog, Puddles. People skip the intros/forwards/prefaces/etc because they’ve read tooContinue reading “Tex’s Update 1: Buy 1 preface, get 3 free!”

Anna’s Update 1: lots and lots of introductions

Let’s gooooooo! Preface by the Editor Our intrepid editor, Reverend Milman, really likes Edward Gibbon. While he makes a few allowances for how, of necessity, the work doesn’t go as deep into detail as it could on every topic it touches, or isn’t always as chronological as might be expected of a straightforward history (optingContinue reading “Anna’s Update 1: lots and lots of introductions”

Joint Update 0: bene venūtus

These are the voyages of the starship Gibbon. Our mission: to get through the entire Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, with some witty commentary and a slew of memes along the way. Why did we decide to do this now? Last September I made a throwaway tweet about needing to read this megalithContinue reading “Joint Update 0: bene venūtus”

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