Anna’s Update 13: might makes right

Gibbon’s world detour continues, moving from the short-lived resurrection of imperial Persia to the untamed wilds of ancient Europe. The guiding theme of this trip remains the same: Gibbon’s stubborn belief in the inherent superiority of the Roman way of life — though he throws the future ancestors of the English a few more bonesContinue reading “Anna’s Update 13: might makes right”

Tex’s Update 13: Willkommen in Deutschland!

We thought we were going to learn about Phillip, who just became emperor. Gibbon had other ideas, so we learned about Zoroastrianism and Persians attacking Alexander Severus. Then, we thought we were going to learn about Persian nobles going to war against Rome, to decidedly bad results for Rome. Gibbon, again, has other ideas. ThisContinue reading “Tex’s Update 13: Willkommen in Deutschland!”

Tex’s Update 12: The Editors Strike Back

After singing my praises in the prior week… I must now return the compliment to @apluswake for holding the posting schedule down while I botched it this past week. Welcome back to ancient Rom… wait. If there is one thing Gibbon enjoys it is CONTEXT. Lots and lots of CONTEXT. Of course, context is important.Continue reading “Tex’s Update 12: The Editors Strike Back”

Anna’s Update 12: the mark of zoro(aster)

Philip! You’ve just taken part in the (now par for the course) Roman tradition of raising yourself to the imperial seat by hacking your way through your superiors, and you’ve thrown the launch party of a lifetime! What are you gonna do next? Chapter 8 Part 1 Psych. Gibbon has held to a straight(ish) historicalContinue reading “Anna’s Update 12: the mark of zoro(aster)”

Anna’s Update 11: the good-cop/bad-cop routine

Lol, what even is a posting schedule. I clearly don’t know. Many thanks to @zproudtexan for holding it down over here. But, I found another Roman emperor facial reconstruction artist. His name is Haroun Binous, and you can find his graphics for sale here. This interpretation of Maximinus Thrax definitely has a wrestler’s neck. TooContinue reading “Anna’s Update 11: the good-cop/bad-cop routine”

Tex’s Update #11: Too Many Emperors or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Empire’s Decline

Alexander Severus Maximin Gordian I Gordian II Maximus Balbinus Within the span of three years, all of these people were emperor or were declared to be emperor. And yet there was only one possible direction for Rome to go. Yep. Believe it or not, our emperor total is going to the moon. Gibbon delivers ChapterContinue reading “Tex’s Update #11: Too Many Emperors or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Empire’s Decline”

Tex’s Update 10: Buy 1 Emperor, Get 5 Free!

Alex makes a boo boo. A really big boo boo. Despite his relative success and general good-guyness, he eventually ran out of road when a would-be Conan the Barbarian decided he could be the head honcho. The result was… bloody and horrifying. How typical. Gibbon opens up with a hilarious monologue about the failings ofContinue reading “Tex’s Update 10: Buy 1 Emperor, Get 5 Free!”

Anna’s Update 10: roman rumble

This chapter is such a chönk that we’re only getting through the first section today. A recurring thought, which I have not remembered to include until this moment: I would have had a serious talk with Gibbon about his excessive comma usage if he’d asked me to proofread. Chapter 7 Part 1 Before getting toContinue reading “Anna’s Update 10: roman rumble”

Tex’s Update #9: YOLO vs. the Homeschool Kid

Here comes the sun. And the sun god. And a dude claiming the name of the sun god. This is turning into one giant stack of Russian Nesting Dolls. Picking up where we left off, the throne has, once again changed hands and, once again, did so under fairly usurpatious conditions. It is now theContinue reading “Tex’s Update #9: YOLO vs. the Homeschool Kid”

Anna’s Update 9: rich kids of ancient rome

There’s a stylish new emperor in town, he’s assumed the throne under the ruling name of his favorite god, and his top priority is … better ketchup. No, really. This week’s installment brought to you by the letter Chapter 6 Part 3 To return briefly to the last section of Gibbon I covered, he writes,Continue reading “Anna’s Update 9: rich kids of ancient rome”

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