Tex’s Update 16: Gibbon’s Great Sigh of Relief

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends! We’re so glad you could attend! Come inside, come inside! And on this week’s episode of Meet the Romans… Gallienus was quite the character, wasn’t he? In fact, he’s quite the character after an entire string of WUT characters. Decius had one of the firstContinue reading “Tex’s Update 16: Gibbon’s Great Sigh of Relief”

Anna’s Update 16: whack-a-mole

This chapter’s two main emperors may have 99 problems, but being called “effeminate” by Gibbon ain’t one. He loves these guys. Let’s see if his favorable opinion of Gallienus’ immediate successors is justified. Chapter 11 Part 1 What? After all that buildup about a near extinction-level pandemic at the end of the last chapter, itContinue reading “Anna’s Update 16: whack-a-mole”

Anna’s Update 15: spot the informant

You know the one — he’s the guy with inside information about the fortress his enemies are trying to invade, and he’s willing to sell said information for the right price. There’s a higher than normal concentration of such informants in this chapter, so I’ve started marking them with tiny trollfaces. Also, this term wasContinue reading “Anna’s Update 15: spot the informant”

Tex’s Update 15: “Gothic Aquatic” & “19 Would-Be Emperors on the Wall”

In the first half of Chapter 10, Gibbon outlined some more Goth history and then chronicled the effectiveness with which the Goths schooled Rome and the unmitigated disaster of Rome’s responses to this. More importantly, he outlined Decius’ realization that Rome’s culture was incredibly broken and, for Rome to prevail, it would have to beContinue reading “Tex’s Update 15: “Gothic Aquatic” & “19 Would-Be Emperors on the Wall””

Tex’s Update #14: Rome Faces the Existential Darkness and Learns about Commonly Misunderstood Subcultures… The Hard Way.

Hat tip to @apluswake for holding down the fort and my apologies for being a few weeks late. I also look forward to being able to work on my normal writing schedule from here out. May Snowmageddon ripple effects be gone! Gibbon must’ve been a Rian Johnson fan. Totally. I mean, look at how heContinue reading “Tex’s Update #14: Rome Faces the Existential Darkness and Learns about Commonly Misunderstood Subcultures… The Hard Way.”

Anna’s Update 14: break out the black lipstick

Not just because we’re talking about the Goths (although we are), but because everything at home and abroad is continuing to disintegrate. Might as well dress for the occasion. After two chapters of being studiously avoided, Emperor Philip finally scores a mention. We also get some more footnote wars, including one that basically amounts toContinue reading “Anna’s Update 14: break out the black lipstick”

Anna’s Update 13: might makes right

Gibbon’s world detour continues, moving from the short-lived resurrection of imperial Persia to the untamed wilds of ancient Europe. The guiding theme of this trip remains the same: Gibbon’s stubborn belief in the inherent superiority of the Roman way of life — though he throws the future ancestors of the English a few more bonesContinue reading “Anna’s Update 13: might makes right”

Tex’s Update 13: Willkommen in Deutschland!

We thought we were going to learn about Phillip, who just became emperor. Gibbon had other ideas, so we learned about Zoroastrianism and Persians attacking Alexander Severus. Then, we thought we were going to learn about Persian nobles going to war against Rome, to decidedly bad results for Rome. Gibbon, again, has other ideas. ThisContinue reading “Tex’s Update 13: Willkommen in Deutschland!”

Tex’s Update 12: The Editors Strike Back

After singing my praises in the prior week… I must now return the compliment to @apluswake for holding the posting schedule down while I botched it this past week. Welcome back to ancient Rom… wait. If there is one thing Gibbon enjoys it is CONTEXT. Lots and lots of CONTEXT. Of course, context is important.Continue reading “Tex’s Update 12: The Editors Strike Back”

Anna’s Update 12: the mark of zoro(aster)

Philip! You’ve just taken part in the (now par for the course) Roman tradition of raising yourself to the imperial seat by hacking your way through your superiors, and you’ve thrown the launch party of a lifetime! What are you gonna do next? Chapter 8 Part 1 Psych. Gibbon has held to a straight(ish) historicalContinue reading “Anna’s Update 12: the mark of zoro(aster)”

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