Anna’s Update 4: “but who would build the roads?”

Chapter 2 Part 3 Once again, Gibbon leads by describing how utterly perfect the Roman empire was as a civil institution. I am of a similar mind as one of Texan’s observations last week: that Gibbon may have been trying to paint so rosy a picture of Rome that he was not above heavy whitewashingContinue reading “Anna’s Update 4: “but who would build the roads?””

Anna’s Update 3: polite dinnertime conversation

Texan observed recently that a greater portion of this work than he had anticipated is footnotes. This week, I have more reason to agree than ever. Many of the notes are Gibbon’s, so we’re not too distracted by external commentary, but still. When the note is at least as long as the amount of regularContinue reading “Anna’s Update 3: polite dinnertime conversation”

Anna’s Update 2: the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war

(Title quote by Norman Schwarzkopf.) May I just start by saying how very much like a scholarly paper Texan’s first blog post was? Gosh. Come for my Buzzfeed articles, stay for his research mastery. Chapter 1 Part 1 Gibbon kind of idealizes Augustus as an emperor. He had just the right temperament for the position,Continue reading “Anna’s Update 2: the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”

Anna’s Update 1: lots and lots of introductions

Let’s gooooooo! Preface by the Editor Our intrepid editor, Reverend Milman, really likes Edward Gibbon. While he makes a few allowances for how, of necessity, the work doesn’t go as deep into detail as it could on every topic it touches, or isn’t always as chronological as might be expected of a straightforward history (optingContinue reading “Anna’s Update 1: lots and lots of introductions”

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