Anna’s Update 11: the good-cop/bad-cop routine

Lol, what even is a posting schedule. I clearly don’t know. Many thanks to @zproudtexan for holding it down over here. But, I found another Roman emperor facial reconstruction artist. His name is Haroun Binous, and you can find his graphics for sale here. This interpretation of Maximinus Thrax definitely has a wrestler’s neck. TooContinue reading “Anna’s Update 11: the good-cop/bad-cop routine”

Anna’s Update 10: roman rumble

This chapter is such a chönk that we’re only getting through the first section today. A recurring thought, which I have not remembered to include until this moment: I would have had a serious talk with Gibbon about his excessive comma usage if he’d asked me to proofread. Chapter 7 Part 1 Before getting toContinue reading “Anna’s Update 10: roman rumble”

Anna’s Update 9: rich kids of ancient rome

There’s a stylish new emperor in town, he’s assumed the throne under the ruling name of his favorite god, and his top priority is … better ketchup. No, really. This week’s installment brought to you by the letter Chapter 6 Part 3 To return briefly to the last section of Gibbon I covered, he writes,Continue reading “Anna’s Update 9: rich kids of ancient rome”

Anna’s Update 8: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

I could apply this title to every update, tbh. #historyiscyclical Welcome back! When we last left Severus, he was busy uprooting any restraint to his unchecked power over every branch of government. It seems like several of his predecessors had already done this, making you wonder what checks or balances were left; but every timeContinue reading “Anna’s Update 8: plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose”

Anna’s Update 7: for sale — one empire, falling apart

When we last left our “heroes” of the Praetorian Guard, they were staring at the steaming remains of Emperor Pertinax, with it slowly dawning in their thick heads that the empire needed a new figurehead fast, or they’d shortly be even worse off than they were under Pertinax’s austerity budget. But first, we examine inContinue reading “Anna’s Update 7: for sale — one empire, falling apart”

Anna’s Update 6: an emperor you can’t refuse

In case you didn’t catch it from last week, Texan may be frozen stiff in the wake of #Snowpocalypse2021, but his last blog entry was fire. Be sure to check our Twitter account for some local relief efforts that you can donate to if able. I gotta tell ya, I did not expect the D&FContinue reading “Anna’s Update 6: an emperor you can’t refuse”

Anna’s Update 5: if you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em

Chapter 3 Part 1 Gibbon starts with a cheerful reminder that having too much power concentrated in one person is bad, throwing a little shade at religion while he’s at it. Wenck and Milman protest. To be fair to Eddie G, he leaves religion alone after taking his one shot, and proceeds to make aContinue reading “Anna’s Update 5: if you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em”

Anna’s Update 4: “but who would build the roads?”

Chapter 2 Part 3 Once again, Gibbon leads by describing how utterly perfect the Roman empire was as a civil institution. I am of a similar mind as one of Texan’s observations last week: that Gibbon may have been trying to paint so rosy a picture of Rome that he was not above heavy whitewashingContinue reading “Anna’s Update 4: “but who would build the roads?””

Anna’s Update 3: polite dinnertime conversation

Texan observed recently that a greater portion of this work than he had anticipated is footnotes. This week, I have more reason to agree than ever. Many of the notes are Gibbon’s, so we’re not too distracted by external commentary, but still. When the note is at least as long as the amount of regularContinue reading “Anna’s Update 3: polite dinnertime conversation”

Anna’s Update 2: the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war

(Title quote by Norman Schwarzkopf.) May I just start by saying how very much like a scholarly paper Texan’s first blog post was? Gosh. Come for my Buzzfeed articles, stay for his research mastery. Chapter 1 Part 1 Gibbon kind of idealizes Augustus as an emperor. He had just the right temperament for the position,Continue reading “Anna’s Update 2: the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”

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